AQX Trader

Front-end Trading Application

A paradigm of trading efficiency with a seamless interface that meets user needs. Through the incorporation of trader's feedback, AQX Trader empowers customers with enhanced decision-making and stream-lined trading operations.


Intuitive and Streamlined Trading Experience

AQX Trader's user-centric interface simplifies order placement, while its scalable back-end architecture seamlessly supports a diverse range of assets.

Trader Experience on desktopTrader Experience on mobile

Safe and Reliable Technical Support

Ensure secure, effortless trading with our white-label support, allowing businesses to focus on their core strengths backed by AQX Trader's expertise.

Trader Support


Trader Feature 1Brand Identity CustomisationCustomise brand presence with AQX Trader on Desktop-Web and Mobile (Web, iOS, Android), harnessing ad zones for strategic user engagement.
Trader Feature 2Traders' Optimised FeaturesOur platform offers integrated charting with essentials like 'Take Profit/Stop Loss' adjustments, one-click trading, and bulk close features to amplify trading efficiency.
Trader Feature 3Seamless AQX Trader IntegrationAQX Trader smoothly integrates with third-party resources and CRM systems, offering access to financial news, economic calendars, and trade signals, enhancing market insight and user experience.
Trader Feature 4Payment Gateway Integration: AQX PayIntegrate Aquariux's own payment gateway AQX Pay for streamlined digital asset management and instant fiat services in brokerage operations, ensuring full regulatory compliance.