Fiat and Digital Assets Payment Gateway

AQX Pay offers a swift and efficient onboarding experience, catering to businesses seeking reliable and fast integration for the next frontier in the financial world.

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Swift Onboarding Process

In finance, time is of the essence. Our swift onboarding enables clients to quickly integrate digital asset payments into their businesses.

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Multiple Digital Assets

Broadening financial horizons, AQX Pay adeptly manages multiple digital assets to enhance businesses flexibility and reach.

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Safe and Secure

In an industry where security comes first, our payment gateway ensures the highest security standards, providing clients with a risk-free environment for all digital transactions.

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Pay Feature 1Multi-Currency SupportExpanding businesses' market presence with our multi-currency support, accepting a wide range of cryptocurrencies including USDT and USDC.
Pay Feature 2Flexible Payout SetupCustomise your disbursements with AQX Pay, offering options in crypto, fiat, or both to suit every need.
Pay Feature 3Cold Wallet StorageElevating businesses asset protection capabilities, minimising risk with cold storage solutions.
Pay Feature 4Analytics and ReportingGain actionable insights with AQX Pay's advanced analytics and reporting, driving informed operational excellence.